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Interior Plantscaping

We Love Plants So You Can Too!

Plants bring a sense of calm to any space, but can be stressful & time-consuming to maintain.

Interior plant design & care services allow you to enjoy the serenity of plant decor without the worrying, watering, lighting logistics, fertilizer complications, or pests.

We will work with you to curate the best plants for your business, office, or home — using eco-friendly products and processes to sustain them. 


1. We survey the interior and choose plants and pots that fit the space based on lighting, humidity, temperature, and your unique style.


2. We install all of the pots & plants.

3. You'll see us weekly as we stop by  to maintain the plants as they grow and seasons change.


4. We offer complimentary repotting service for plants as they grow.


A Virtual Garden Walk

Let's Talk Plants

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