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Meet Our Team


Ernie Perez


Background / Experience: 
Flower shop girlie (retail) and event/wedding floral design.

What makes EcoWilde special:
We are sweet humans who love what we do and want to do it well, in the most conscious way. Who doesn't like less of a carbon footprint while making things look pretty?

What do you love outside of flowers?
I love art, comedy, photography, dancing, meditation, watching films and deep convos with friends. I would say going to the movies and going to art museums are two of my favorite outings (besides nature walking with my Pomsky).


Liz Lukehart


Liz is a real deal pro in sustainability. She is a long time environmental advocate with education in environmental law and climate journalism (we are so lucky to have Liz!)  Liz is a committed gardener with a particular interest in ecological and sustainable gardening. With nearly ten years of  experience in growing cut flowers, food, and native plants, as well as seed saving, Liz led EcoWilde’s own first hyper local growing season and cared for our florals so tenderly that we grew more than we ever imagined! We are so excited to have the groundwork to grow for many seasons to come. In her freetime, she acts as Chairperson of the Village of Oak Park's Environment and Energy Commission and writes an amazing substack called “The Suburban Wilderness”.

Emily Neumann


Born into a family of farmers and builders, Emily has always loved to grow and make things. A self-described arts and nature geek, Emily holds dual degrees in theater and sustainability which folds nicely into her vision for EcoWilde–gorgeous floral drama with a green lens. She saw so much waste in the event industry and so many opportunities to be a little gentler with our planet and to people too (Emily is a BIG fan of paying a living wage and providing worker protections). She stops to smell the roses on her off time by loving up on her super sweet furry daughters (two cats pals and one pup), walking in the woods with her buddies, and searching for her next donut.

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Connections Manager

Background / Experience: 

My love for plants and flowers runs deep. Growing up in Montana, nature has always felt like a sanctuary. EcoWilde feels like a little slice of home in the midst of city living!

What makes EcoWilde special:

Good relationships are at the forefront of everything we do: with each other, with our clients, and with the Earth.

What do you love outside of flowers?

I’m usually busy working on my acting career, hanging out with my kitties Cowboy & Pearl, or hunting for the best Caesar salad in town (rec’s welcome).



In-house professional snuggler and world champion feather hunter, Pawlie, joined  EcoWilde at the tender age of 8 weeks (birthday November 22, 2022— Sagittarius kitty!) This former barn cat turned design meeting supervisor, makes sure that every event goes purrfectly!

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