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Our Floral: Grown in Oak Park, IL!

Urban & suburban environments can be lush places to grow gorgeous floral!

Our local, cut-flower gardens teem with eco-friendly floral from May-October each year.

Each order is hand-picked and handmade in Oak Park & Forest Park, IL.

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Regionally Grown Floral

To support the demand for locally-sourced floral, we partner with farms, greenhouses, & hydroponic growers in Illinois,  Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Shout out to our local farm pals:

Roof Crop - Chicago

Casa Dahlia - Chicago

Monarch Beauty - Chicago

Collie Flower Farm - Woodstock

Sweet Pea Stems - Naperville

Iron Meadows Flower Farm - Buckley

Yay! Local, Seasonal Floral Only

Shopping local & seasonal means we pick your floral within days or hours of your order.


We will use the best of what's growing & surprise you or the recipient with the vibrant colors of the season.


(Floral varieties will not match the pics below, but will be the general size/shape)

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