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Image by Tim Mossholder

Event Strike Assistant

Job Type

Part-Time, Weekends

410 Elgin Avenue, Forest Park, IL, USA

Pay Rate



Warm & respectful working environment is looking to hire assistants for the Event Strike Team.

We are accepting applications for a team member who is comfortable taking leadership on tasks and projects, uses proactive communication, advocates for themselves and others, and values respect in the workplace. 

This tasks involved in this position include assistance with:

  • Taking down floral installations at venues

  • Organizing and packing decor after an event

  • Transporting decor back to the studio

  • Learning and performing the eco-friendly event resolution process

There will be opportunities for additional work if this person has skills in:

  • Floral Design

  • Building

  • Upcycling 

  • Pottery

  • Growing/Garden flowers/plants

We are offering a position with flexible hours averaging out to approximately 2-6 hours/week for event strikes which take place between 10pm-12am. Shifts usually last 1-3 hours depending on the size of the event. The position is as an employee (not an independent contractor). Hauling decor up and down stairs is a normal part of the job, and this job will often include outdoor hours and manual labor. 

Working with flower and plants is beautiful & fun - but also hard work!

About the Position

After each event, the strike team travels to the venue to take down all floral and rentals. Team member will be trained on eco-friendly strike methods. Must be able to drive and be comfortable with manual labor- it's a lot of lifting & carrying.

About the Company

We’re EcoWilde Flower Co., a queer-owned flower & plant design studio that focuses on making an environmental impact through our work. We also invest in social sustainability. Living wages, a healthy and safe work environment, and human-centered production are cornerstones of our business model and set us apart as a hub for creativity, connection, and social good. To learn more about us, visit or on ig @ecowildeflowerco.

Introduce yourself via email and send us a resume!
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