About Us

​EcoWilde Flower Co. is an eco-friendly floral design studio based out of Oak Park, Illinois. We specialize in floral design services centered around community, collaboration, and cooperation. Whether we're working with couples, families, businesses, or event vendors, we prioritize the connections that are made throughout the design and event planning process and work tirelessly to make our clients’ floral dreams a reality. 
Our culture sets us apart. We use sustainable practices in our design and production in order to show respect for nature and reduce the environmental impact of events. We also practice conscious capitalism. Living wages, a healthy and safe work environment, and equal power sharing are a big part of our social ethos.

About the Owner

Emily Neumann (she, her, hers) is a lifelong artist and a skilled designer who brings her passion for nature into all that she does. With her background in event production, décor, and sustainability, Emily is able to provide her clients with handcrafted floral designs that make a major statement without harming the environment. Each piece she creates is specially crafted to help couples, companies, and individuals enjoy unforgettable décor and events, with a unique process that brings together large-scale design and footprint-minimizing practices. Together with her team of creative designers, artists, and event producers, Emily provides her clients with hands-on services that transform any venue into a truly magical space. 

Why Ec0-Friendly Floral Matters

Like other types of agriculture and manufacturing, the floral industry does not have its roots in sustainability. Chemical fertilizers and preservatives, international transport, and toxic production tools create a harmful environment for the plants, animals, and people who call our planet home.
At the heart of EcoWilde Flower Co.’s mission is a commitment to making exquisite floral designs using alternative practices and products. 

Ways We Take Care of the Planet


In choosing how to stock our tool shelves, we opt for toxin free, reusable tools. We source products made from recycled goods, and minimize the use of plastics. 

Recycling & Composting

We are connected to local garden groups that welcome our compost after every event. We also donate leftover arrangements to neighbors and local groups. 


During peak flower season in the Midwest, we can source flowers from local farms. We use an energy efficient delivery vehicle and strategize to minimize vehicle use. We also invest in carbon offsets to remediate our transportation footprint.