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Love More, Waste Less.


Staying Sustainable

EcoWilde is focused on making an environmental impact thorough floral and plant design. We specialize in experiences that emphasize community, collaboration, and cooperation. Whether we're working with couples, families, businesses, or industry vendors, we prioritize the connections that are made throughout the design process and work as a team to make our clients’ dreams a reality. 

What Sets Us Apart

Our signature full-circle-floral process ensures that events leave as little waste behind as possible.


In choosing how to stock our tool shelves, we opt for toxin free, reusable tools. We source products made from recycled & compostable goods, and minimize the use of plastics. We use a fuel efficient vehicle for transportation, and buy flowers from local growers during the Mid-West growing season. At the end of events, we minimize waste by donating, composting, and reusing decor.


Our Planet + Our People

In addition to our commitment to environmental sustainability, but we invest in social sustainability as well. Living wages, a healthy and safe work environment, and human-centered production are cornerstones of our business model and set us apart as a hub for creativity, connection, and social good.

Why Eco-Friendly Floral Matters

The floral industry does not have its roots in sustainability. Chemical fertilizers and preservatives, international transport, and toxic production tools create a harmful environment for the plants, animals, and people who call our planet home.

The heart of EcoWilde’s mission is a commitment to making exquisite floral designs using alternative practices and products. 

Taking Care
of the Planet


We opt for toxin free, reusable tools to stock our shelves. We source products made from recycled goods, and minimize the use of plastics. 

Recycling & Composting

We compost after every event through our local garden groups. We also donate leftover arrangements to neighbors and local groups. 


We source flowers from local farms during peak flower season in the Midwest. We use energy efficient delivery vehicles and minimize vehicle use. 

Eco Actions

Provide living wages
Ethical + legal labor practices
Fuel efficient transportation
99% waste-free floral production

- No plastics

- No floral foam

- Minimal use of floral tape

- Minimal use + recycling of floral wire

Composting all organics
Reusable packaging + transport materials
Recycling for cardboard + paper
Water over-use mitigation
Post-event candle wax repurposing

Melt down + make new candles

Post-event floral donations + local giveaways
Offer plant rentals for Zero-Waste wedding decor
Source from local, regional, and national growers

Depending on the season

Production studio work tables, shelving, + furniture from reclaimed materials

Looking for Floral Design?

Let's discuss the details of your upcoming Event or Interior needs.

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